The Best Birthday Wishes For Your Son

Never run out of birthday wishes for your son again! Coming up with new exciting birthday to my son is challenging year after year. We have put together 30 short birthday wishes for sons from parents. 

They are perfect for adding to a pre-written card, notes on gifts or on smaller note cards to make this special occasion. 

30 Short Birthday Wishes for Sons from Parents

  1. Happy birthday to my son, my hero, my pride and joy!
  2. You are a wonderful son and a fantastic person. Happy birthday!
  3. You are a joy to watch, a delight to hear, and a pleasure to know. Happy birthday, son!
  4. You are a shining star, a brilliant light, and a spark of magic. Happy birthday, son!
  5. You are a handsome, charming, and smart young man. Happy birthday, son!
  6. You are a kind, generous, and compassionate soul. Happy birthday, son!
  7. You are a loyal, faithful, and trustworthy friend. Happy birthday, son!
  8. You are a fun, lively, and energetic spirit. Happy birthday, son!
  9. You are a calm, peaceful, and serene presence. Happy birthday, son!
  10. You are a strong, brave, and courageous heart. Happy birthday, son!
  11. You are a sweet, loving, and caring son. Happy birthday!
  12. You are a witty, clever, and humorous son. Happy birthday!
  13. You are a talented, skilled, and gifted son. Happy birthday!
  14. You are a curious, inquisitive, and eager son. Happy birthday!
  15. You are a creative, imaginative, and innovative son. Happy birthday!
  16. You are a respectful, polite, and courteous son. Happy birthday!
  17. You are a helpful, supportive, and cooperative son. Happy birthday!
  18. You are a cheerful, optimistic, and positive son. Happy birthday!
  19. You are a confident, assertive, and self-assured son. Happy birthday!
  20. You are a humble, modest, and down-to-earth son. Happy birthday!
  21. You are an amazing son and I’m so lucky to have you. Happy birthday!
  22. You are my son and I’m so proud of you. Happy birthday!
  23. You are my son and I’m so grateful for you. Happy birthday!
  24. You are my son and I’m so happy for you. Happy birthday!
  25. You are my son and I’m so excited for you. Happy birthday!
  26. You are my son and I’m so amazed by you. Happy birthday!
  27. You are my son and I’m so impressed by you. Happy birthday
  28. You are my son and I’m so fond of you. Happy birthday!
  29. You are my son and I’m so devoted to you. Happy birthday!
  30. You are my son and I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday!

You can easily change our happy birthday messages for sons by changing “my” to ours and I to us. Add a name and you have 30 short birthday greetings for sons to choose from. 

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