back to school

back to school – 1000wishes | Send good wishes and greetings notes for children to friends and teachers for the new year and the return to school.

When you back to school remember:

Every school has its own rule,
Don’t be a fool to fight against him.
Flow with it, deal with it, turn it into a tool –
that will take you high for your successfull.

back to school

  • It’s time to conquer the new school year with boundless enthusiasm and knowledge. Wishing you a magical journey filled with incredible adventures, awesome friendships, and straight A’s! Let’s make this year your best one yet!
  • Hey there, Smarty Pants! It’s time to dust off those backpacks and dive into another awesome school year. Wishing you endless knowledge, epic adventures, and friendships that last a lifetime. Let’s make this year the best one yet!
  • Hey there, superstar student! Are you ready to conquer the new school year with a big smile? Wishing you an A+ kind of day filled with knowledge, laughter, and awesome adventures. Let’s make this school year the best one yet!
  • BackToSchool It’s time to rock this school year with confidence and enthusiasm. Wishing you loads of knowledge, awesome friendships, and countless “aha” moments. Superstar student – You’ve got this!

B cool
It will be easier at school
Learn with desire and fire
You will succeed
and reach higher

  • We wish you back to school in the healthiest and most relaxed way.
  • I wish you success in your studies.
  • I wish you success in school.
  • Remember – the main thing of success is not the grades – success is the way and your effort and dedication to achieve them.
  • At school, wisdom and profession are taught – but being a “good person” is a grade you won’t be given on your graduation certificate. You will see the grade when life smiles back at you!
  • I send my wishes and prayers for you, that you will succeed in school, the teachers treat you well and be patient, and you will have the desire to listen to them and accept from them – because a true sage is the one who does not abandon the desire to learn and understand even when it is difficult.

Back to school
I wish you – back to school with a bag full of
desires to study
that’s how you will succeed!
My beloved Buddy.

Wisdom is taught by teachers
But only you paint the picture of life using what you have learned
Be wise to learn how to live a beautiful life.

wishing You to find a good Buddy to participate with in repeating and memorizing the study

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